Rectangular/Square Hollow Section

Galvanised Rectangular/Square Hollow Section

Galvanised rectangular/square hollow section is a type of metal framework with a hollow cross-section. Galvanised rectangular/square Hollow Section is often used in a variety of construction and industrial applications. These are made from round rolls that progressively compress the round tunnel into a rectangular/square hollow section. Aforementioned signifies inline criteria. Rectangular and Square galvanised hollow section has the benefit of being sounder in twisting while a round hollow section is stiffer. Galvanised rectangular/square hollow section is employed in the construction of shelters, parking, roof panels, lofts for stores & warehouses, and more.

Kian Huat Metal is a pre-eminent rectangular/square hollow section supplier and manufacturer offering high-quality hollow sections based on strict industry norms. We offer a broad spectrum of Galvanised Hollow Section in Round, Rectangular and Square shapes. These are ergonomically manufactured using exceptional quality parts which assure its excellent quality and boisterous usage.

Mild Steel Rectangular/Square Hollow Section

Mild steel rectangular/square hollow section is the most versatile, efficient, and the strongest hollow section used in construction, engineering, and mechanical applications. These are usually available in 7.500 to 7.650 m lengths, yet other dimensions and grades are available as per the client’s demand. Mild Steel Hollow Section is employed to produce an immense variety of components for all types of applications in construction & engineering. Accept it or not, a hollow section is more durable and generally stronger than a solid steel rod. The hollow section has a better strength to weight ratio than that of solid rods.

With prosperous industry experience, we are recognised in the market to offer Mild Steel Hollow Section to our clients in round, square, and rectangular form. These are made by specialists employing the best quality raw materials and exceptional procedures. Our mild steel hollow section (Rectangular and Square) products come in a variety of grades, sizes, dimensions, and finishes. We propose a prompt turnaround cutting service as per clients needs. We offer cut to order & customizable services and send your Mild steel rectangular/square hollow section out to you in the shortest possible time.

Stainless Steel Rectangular/Square Hollow Section

Stainless steel rectangular/square hollow section is universally acknowledged for high tensile strength, resistance to corrosion, and endurance. These high strength alloys are employed in construction, architecture, infrastructure and other engineering purposes. Other applications of stainless steel rectangular/square hollow section include supporting structure of facades & roofs, railings, transportation, machinery in the food industry, and so forth. It comprises of verified steel standards and splendid quality steel.

Supported by diligent professionals, Kian Huat Metal offers an exquisite collection of Stainless Steel Hollow Section to our valued clients. As a pre-eminent rectangular/square hollow section suppliers and manufacturers, we offer complete gratification and reliability to our clients. Our products are remarkably appreciated in the business for their durability, robustness, rust & corrosion resistance, and others. Our production system is embedded with state-of-the-art revolutionary machines and devices. Furthermore, we ascertain that our products are in-line with international norms.

Aluminium Rectangular/Square Hollow Section

Aluminium rectangular/square hollow section is oftentimes utilised for making frames, general fabrications, shop-fitting and furniture production. Aluminium rectangular/square hollow section is a lightweight metal with good tensile strength. Aluminium rectangular/square hollow sections are ideal for application in construction & engineering purposes due to high resistance to corrosion administered by aluminium. Aluminium products are also widely employed in automotive as well as aerospace applications.

Kian Huat Metal is a leading rectangular/square hollow section supplier and manufacturer facilitating a large variety of steel and aluminium rectangular/square hollow sections and other products. Owing to 30 years of expertise and large vendor support and a highly dexterous team of experts, we have carried forth an enormous selection of steel and aluminium products. You can discover a wide variety of quality aluminium hollow section in rectangular/square configuration. Customizable products for Aluminium Rectangular/Square Hollow Section are also formulated for the customers based on their applicability and the specifications.

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