Copper Flat Bars

Copper Flat Bars


Copper flat bar is a rectangular alloy with square edges varying in sizes. Copper flat bars are widely used for electrical applications because of their high electrical and thermal conductivity. Due to its exceptional strength, ductility and corrosion resistance, copper flat bar is typically used in architectural applications. Copper flat bars are utilized on a huge scale in manufacturing industries due to their excellent malleability and machinability.


Uses of copper flat bar include automotive, construction, machined components, roofing, industrial, electrical, fabrication, engineering, manufacturing, marine equipment, architecture industries.


One of the most common grade of copper flat bars is CDA 110 (C11000). It is 99.9% pure copper and has excellent thermal and electrical conductivity. Copper grade C11000 is also corrosion resistance with good formability. Copper flat bars in grade C11000 are ideal for hot or cold forming applications, including applications that require extensive machining. C11000 copper flat bar has excellent ductility and malleability, as well as being appealing aesthetically, thus it is commonly used in architectural applications. With all the mentioned characteristics, as well as workability, C11000 grade copper flat bar is usually chosen to make gutters, electrical parts, pipe vents and architectural features.

Common Grades, Sizes and Specifi­cations

C11000Up to 200mmFrom 3.0mmUp to 6000mm

Other copper flat bar grades and sizes are available upon request. You can request to cut your copper flat bars down to size.

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